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How Binge Watching TV Shows Is Affecting Your Sleep!

For many of us watching TV shows is in our blood. It’s a very relaxing experience and one that definitely doesn’t require a lot of mental nor physical effort. In fact, it’s the perfect way to enjoy your time and have fun at home after a hard day at work. It’s also the best way you relieve stress so as you can see there are many reasons to enjoy a good TV show. But is binge watching these one after the other a good idea, and what effect does it have on your mind or on your sleep?




According to various researchers, it seems that 55% out of all binge watchers have trouble sleeping after that, instead they stay up late night trying to watch some more episodes. In fact, this will cost them around 3 hours of sleep in a single evening. Students are the ones that have to deal with the most hassle here, with workers having a similar issue albeit at a much smaller scale.


Unfortunately, this is not the only issue that comes from binge watching, because it can easily turn into something that you do on a daily basis. As you can expect, if you lose up to 3 hours of sleep this can really bring in a very bad schedule for you. In fact, you will always tend to wake up during the night and the sleep quality will be detrimental because of that. You will also have to deal with a multitude of sleep related issues and to be honest no one wants to deal with such a thing at all times.


Sleeping during the night is mandatory and you should create a good schedule for your entire life. Binge watching should be removed; instead you need to focus more on sleeping for more hours rather than watching series. It’s a good idea to dedicated 1-2 hours per day for this activity if you like it, but keep in mind that watching hours after hours without doing nothing else will just make you sleepy and remove the energy that you could otherwise spend on something else.


Remember that binge watching is amazing in its own right yet it can be detrimental for your sleep. That’s why you have to be extra careful and focus on results as much as you can, because otherwise the experience will be very bad to begin with. Regardless of what show it might be, no show is that good so you can sacrifice your own time, life and physical abilities. Try to sleep more and binge watch less, the results will be amazing for sure!

What Is The Best Pillow For Your Sleep Position

The pillow you use can make a difference when it comes to having a good night’s sleep or a lot of pain. That’s why it’s a very good idea to focus on getting a good pillow that will help you acquire a higher quality sleep in the end. It’s all about trying to sleep better and that’s why we have created a list that includes some off the best pillows that you can use based on the sleeping style that you currently have. We recommend you to use these pillows if you want to get the best outcome, so, without further ado, here’s the list!



The Ideal Pillow


The ideal pillow that matches multiple sleeping styles is medium firm and not too thick. It’s created in such a way that it supports the neck and head as if you were standing up and it won’t show a sense of fatigue and so on. But finding this type of pillow can be quite hard and sometimes very expensive, which is why you can try out other models!


Back Sleepers


If you are a back sleeper, then the best option you can find is definitely memory foam. What memory foam does really well is the fact that it can mold to the neck curve. This way you can sleep a lot better and the results are more than impressive. A water pillow can also be a very good idea too because this one has a consistent support. You can also try to add in a pillow under the knees as this can offer lower back aid.


Side Sleepers


Side sleepers can benefit quite a lot if they add a pillow between their knees. It helps you sleep better and it also offers a higher quality spinal alignment which is very important. When it comes to the pillow you need for your head, a good medium-firm pillow that supports the space under your neck is definitely the right choice in this regard.


Stomach Sleepers


This type of sleep is very bad because it places a lot of stress and pressure on the lower back. This way you can also deal with neck pain and that can lead to some major issues in the end, including the lack of a good sleep pattern. Sleeping with a giant body pillow in front of you can be a very good solution here if you want one, but the best thing you can do is to change your sleeping style!


In conclusion, finding the right sleep position for yourself can definitely help you quite a lot, but it can also allow you to figure out which is the best pillow that you can use. Try to keep this in mind whenever you can and remember that quality is always more important than pricing when you choose a pillow!

8 Conventional Sleep Tips - Time To Get Some Sleep!

Most people have been through periods of finding it difficult to sleep at night and or not being able to stay asleep once they have drifted off. Having little or disturbed sleep can lead to health problems and leave you feeling exhausted the following day, but with these 8 tips you will be able to improve your sleep pattern, quality and general well being.




Avoid stimulants post lunch


Lots of people enjoy coffee, cigarettes and other stimulants as a way to relax during the day but using them before your wind down time could be affecting your sleep. Your body wants to rest, but your mind stays alert leaving you feeling frustrated. Instead choose a caffeine free drink such as herbal tea.


Increase activity in the daytime


When you do more during the daytime regularly your body gets used to expending your energy during this time. The body has a natural clock, which when you get into good sleeping habits will take effect. Exercise in itself will tire you out, but it will do so in a natural way and allow your body to depict between the time you are awake and asleep.


Minimize eating before bed


Studies have shown that you should stop eating about 4 hours before you sleep. The reason for this is that your body will still by trying to digest the food while you are resting which can disturb your sleep during the night.


Don’t overheat the bedroom


The bedroom may be a little cooler when you enter but during the night when you put the covers on it will soon heat up. Sleeping in a cooler room is better for your health and is better for helping your body to maintain its temperature vs getting too hot and sweaty and tossing and turning all night.


Only use the bedroom for sleeping


Some people use their bedrooms for studying, working and watching television. In doing this you can be distracted from going to sleep and be tempted to get up. Remove televisions and other distractions from the room for a better night’s sleep.


Avoid late nights


The body’s energy has been shown to surge at 11 at night so staying up late can mean that the relaxation you felt earlier and readiness to sleep is gone by the time you reach your bed. Get to bed at the same time every night for better sleep benefits.


Darken the room


If you have electronics that blink or lights in the room even dim lights, the body can find it hard to totally switch off so even after sleep you don’t feel rested. If there is a lot of light from the window, blackout blinds can solve the problem.


Take notes


Rather than worrying about planning what’s happening the next day or further in the future, many people find it helpful to write down what is troubling them or great ideas so that they can peruse their thoughts in the morning. Keep a notepad and pen near the bed so that you can get any thoughts out on paper and then totally switch off. 

Sleep Better With More Physical Activity During The Day

It’s common to hear parents, grandparents and other caregivers say that they are going to take their children out or get them running around so that they can wear themselves out for bedtime. Unfortunately although this is a tactic often used with children to help improve their sleep and get them into a routine, many adults do not take the same approach. Everyday tasks may tire you out mentally, but physically they may not be doing enough to expend enough energy to feel tired enough to sleep at bedtime or to sleep through the night undisturbed.




Evidence to support exercise improving sleep


There have been many studies into the impact regular exercise can have on the quality of sleep with the results showing that rather than turning to medication, or turning the television/computer on there is a natural answer that will make you feel better during the daytime too!


Exercise is known to reduce stress levels which in turn helps you to drop off to sleep and stay asleep for the night. It helps sleep disorders including sleep apnea and insomnia helping sufferers to reduce and even come off their medication and breathing devices. When you are busy during the day being physically active your deeper sleep will be longer and more restful, but it won’t happen overnight.


A study group of 55 year old adults and above were asked about their sleeping habits, ability to sleep and stay asleep. They were also asked about their moods and general well being during the day. All of the subjects suffered from insomnia, with no participation in exercise on a regular basis. The group was split down the middle and put on a program where the first group was to continue their usual lifestyle, and the second exercised regularly.  The exercise included aerobics for half an hour between three or four times each week depending on fitness and health.  The study took place over 16 weeks and then the same quality of life questionnaire was applied.


Throughout the study exercise was shown to improve the exercising participants sleep as well as their moods during the day. It was shown that the effects were not achieved immediately, it took time for the regime to work, however it was proved to be successful for all participants.


Over time the participants noticed their sleep had improved and the general timescale over the improvements varied. To go deeper into the effect of exercise on sleep participants were tested to see whether exercise helped them when it was occasional. The results showed that although tired afterwards the quality of sleep was not improved, therefore showing that exercise had to be undertaken as a lifestyle change rather than occasionally to benefit from long term results.


Being able to improve sleep through exercise also meant that the general health of those partaking regularly improved too, giving them more energy throughout the day and a more positive outlook. This also meant that potential side effects were also avoided.  

Tips For Buying A Mattress Online

With online shopping being a great experience in most domains, buying a mattress online surely sounds like a very good idea. This is why you need to make sure that we make the right choice when we purchase a mattress online, because just like any other experience, this does come with its own set of do’s and do not’s.




What not to do when purchasing a mattress online


You should never try to purchase a mattress from retailers that seem unreliable or which offer a price that seems too good to be true. Never go under the false pretense they work with the manufacturer in a direct fashion, as these products might be of a very low quality in the end, and you might end up spending your money in vain.


Of course, you can’t try the mattress when you buy it online, something that might be a downside for some of us, but other than that, this will be an amazing deal, and one that will bring you extraordinary results in the end.


What to do when you purchase a mattress online


First, check the materials and see if they are durable. This is a great way to see the quality of the mattress, even if you don’t have it in front of you. At the same time, you should also try to see if there is a return fee you have to pay, in case you don’t like the mattress. Also, check about shipping charges of the mattress to you.


Of course, you need to search in as many places as possible, because this is the best way to purchase a good mattress, if you find the best product at all times. It’s a good idea to purchase directly from the manufacturer if you want to save some money here as well, keep that in mind as it will help you a lot In regards to getting the best experience.


Some of the online shops also have a brick and mortar version, so you should give it a shot as well. Of course, since you buy online, you should definitely work hard in order to make sure that you can find some coupons, because these will allow you to lower the price quite a lot in the end. You can stop by any store front and try a mattress you may thinking about buying before you buy online.


Try factory second stores, as these are the same mattresses at much lower cost to you as they may just have a small dirt smudge that can be cleaned or your sheets will cover it, but the integrity of the mattress is fine.


Follow all these ideas and you won’t have a problem purchasing the best mattress you can from online shops. Do that, and the experience will be more than impressive in this regard!


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