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3 S's To Help You Sleep - Snacks, Scents And Supplements

If you want to always deliver the best possible results at work and at home, then you have to focus on what you eat and other important stuff in your life. All these things add up in order to change your life, but if it’s for the better or for worse it’s up for you to decide!




You do need to focus on a lot of things in your lifestyle when it comes to improving your sleep, and that would be what you eat, the smells within your home and what you do in order to supplement the stuff that you already intake on a daily basis.




Food is essential for our body, but sometimes when you just can’t eat anything, you do need to make sure that you have snacks near you. Instead of running around during the night trying to prepare your meal, snacks can allow you to stay healthy and always improve your digestion. If you eat snacks during the day you will be able to sleep a lot better during the night, and that is definitely a stellar experience, for all of us.


Sure, eating way too much snacks can also be a problem and this is why finding the proper amount will help you a lot, but it’s all about ensuring that you have the best results, as that is always crucial.




Aromatherapy is known to bring in front extraordinary results, and that is why you should always ensure that you can obtain a stellar outcome. It will take a while to access the results you want, true, but the experience can be well worth it. Scents are usually calming our body so using them will always allow us to get an amazing experience all around. It might require some time for them to bring you the outcome you want, but the results will come regardless so keep that in mind.




Our body will sometimes feel tired and that can hamper our sleep patterns. This is why making sure that you can access supplements alongside your daily intake of food is helpful, as this will bring in front extraordinary results all the time. It’s amazing what such a thing can do for our overall sleep patterns.


At the end of the day, all the 3 S’s can help us quite a lot with sleep issues, it all comes down to the way we address these problems. You just need to try and improve your lifestyle by creating and following a sleep pattern, then the results will always be the best! 

How Social Media Is Affecting Your Sleep

Social media has quickly become a vital part of our lives. Rarely do we go through a day without thinking about what our friends and family are posting on Facebook, or what is going on in Twitter, or even what picture looks the best to put on our Instagram page. The vital effects of how social media has changed and affected our lives are still being studied. We are barely able to fully comprehend the ways in which we are being changed, whether for better or worse. Yet, for better or worse, it is here to stay, and we need to understand the basic ways that it is changing out lives. One of the most obvious ways in which social media is changing our daily lives is through our sleep.




Social Media and Sleep



Study after study have shown that social media is negatively effecting our sleeping patterns. The group which is most at risk for sleep deprivation through social media use is teenagers and young adults. They are typically the heaviest users of technology and social media, and spend almost 9 hours of their day on social media. Studies have also shown that teens and young adults almost always have their phones and other devices on their person, even when they are sleeping.



While teens are not the only ones affected by the trend, older adults are also finding that their sleep patterns are affected. Social media and technology on the whole has permeated all facets of our society, including the generational gap. Our minds have been rewired, and we cannot help but feel the need to check our phones and see if someone has sent us a message on social media, or texted us. Our mind is so preoccupied with this need, that our mind does not have the chance to get a good night’s rest.



How Can We Change This?



Now that we have seen the effects of social media on our sleep, how can we reverse the negative consequences? Studies have shown that the optimal amount of sleep is at least 7 hours for adults and at least 9 hours for teenagers. However, we may be getting 7 hours of sleep, but for it to be as effective as possible, it is important that we get a good sleep, and allow our minds and bodies to go through the entire sleep cycle.



The most effective way to help improve our sleeping patterns is to try and become less dependent on our social media. To accomplish this, restrict the amount of time you are on any social media sites, setting yourself a strict time limit that you must follow each day. It may be difficult to follow your plan at first, but if you are able to stick with it, you will find that after a several weeks or days, you will not feel the same impulse to check your phone and social media. This will help you go to sleep easier, and stay asleep longer. 

True Facts About 5 Sleep Myths

There are so many sleep myths that you can barely know which are true and false! In fact, lots of people have created these in order to spread confusion, or they actually believe that they are true. Either way, no matter the situation, one thing is certain, we do need to see if these myths are true or not, so let’s find that out right now!



We need 8 hours of sleep


The reality is that the body of each person and energy consumption is different, so a generalized 8 hours of sleep per day isn’t actually a good estimate. Some need only five hours, while others might actually need more than 9 hours after a very long, sleep deprived period. It all comes down to actually letting yourself sleep as much time as you need. Do that, and the results will come the right way. So don’t force yourself to sleep only 8 hours, because this might not be the amount of sleep time that you actually need.


Watching TV will help fall asleep


On the contrary, TV as well as any other screen that emulates energy will stimulate the brain and this means that it will lower the ability to fall asleep. So this is a false idea, instead if you want to sleep properly, you need to avoid any type of screen as fast as possible. It will take a while in order to do so, but in the end you have to understand that this is one of those sleep myths that have to be taken into account the best way you can.


Alcohol will help you sleep


Sure, it does make you fall asleep quicker, but you won’t be able to rest because it does lead to sleep disruptions. As a result, you will have a lighter and restless sleep.


Daytime naps don’t affect the night time sleep


This is false unfortunately, because your body needs a specific amount of sleep time. This means that once you sleep during the day, you will be able to sleep less during the night. Those that want to sleep during the night should avoid naps.


Older persons need less sleep


In fact, adults require the same amount of time throughout their lifetime. It’s always very important to make sure that you sleep until you are fully rested, no matter the age. So this particular myth is false!


As you can see, there are plenty of false myths about sleeping, so hopefully we have taught you a thing or two about what is important in regards to sleep. Don’t hesitate and consult a medical professional if you have sleeping problems, as this will help you a lot. Remember though that you don’t need to train yourself towards sleeping less, as your body does require you to rest, so keep that in mind at all times!

Buying An Affordable Mattress

Sometimes getting a good night’s sleep is dependent on just how comfortable your mattress is. For those who have an old mattress or one that may not be in the best of shape, this is going to be a harder feat. Unfortunately, the one thing experience has taught me is that mattresses aren’t cheap and cheap one’s can be hard to find. Some people who want to avoid spending a lot of money look at a few different options which may not work out as they hoped, but will give them a mattress.



Buy A Factory Second


This is a great place to start, and not that many people now about this. A lot of time the only thing wrong with this mattress may be a dirt smudge or a small cosmetic damage that will not hurt integrity of the mattress itself and will save you a lot of money.



Rent to Own


Again this works out for those who may not have enough money to buy a mattress outright, but leaves you paying for one on a long term contract, you wind up paying for more than what you typically would when you outright buy a mattress, and you’re stuck making payments.


This may appear a bit discouraging and so were going to look at ways in which you can purchase      a new mattress without the worry of bugs or being stuck paying for months to years on a contract for one.




Just like with anything you are buying that is on the higher end of the price grid, you want to have a budget in mind and stick to it. For those who aren’t sure how much to save up, if you get local flyers in the mail for places that sell them, it’s a good place to start.



Be prepared to haggle


Mattresses are expensive and for that reason it’s not always easy for a company to sell them. For this reason when you enter a mattress retailer keep an open mind and be prepared to haggle. While some places have their prices set in stone, there are some that will work with you and negotiate a price. However, you want to make sure the mattress you’re haggling over is actually the one you want. You’ve laid down on it and are happy with the way it feels and confident this is the one for you. Otherwise, you could be your own deal breaker.



Shop Online


Don’t be afraid to check out a store’s online ads and sales. This can be especially helpful to set a good budget goal and buy a new mattress for a better price. Keep in mind that around times such as Fourth of July and Labor Day, most stores run some kind of special where usually higher priced beds are more reasonable and come with a few extra perks.



Our final note of advice is always to get one with at least a 90 day trial period. It takes time to break in a bed and you won’t want one that you think is uncomfortable immediately and return. 

Reviewing Stearns & Foster Mattresses

Choosing a good mattress is hard these days. We are bombarded by all makes and models and we find it difficult to decide. Unless we are given a recommendation we trust, then the trial and error period is what we rely on. Mattresses if you are unsure of what to choose is one that is recommended by some users, with some drawbacks that are easily overcome. Looking at the mattress we are able to see the expectation of luxury that it promises. The appearance of style and class is the illusion you get when you first look at a mattress from Stearns & Foster.




Manufactured with gel memory foam, latex, cotton, wool and individually wrapped coils for support, horsehair, cashmere, and silk in the cover for comfort. With this amount of detail and materials that are used, this indicates the thought and importance of customer satisfaction. Though this is key not much thought was put into the weight and the possibility of difficulty for customers to move the mattress at any time; so this means, if and when the need to rotate the mattress arises, you will have to have some help or have to be a very strong person to achieve this feat.


Being a Sealy product; and although the company has been around since 1906, mattress manufacturing is their signature, so Stearns & Fosters product rate should be above that of their competitors surveys have shown that their innerspring mattresses are at a rating of 63% and other beds overall are at 72%. This is because they have what is called pillow top comfort; a layer of foam to ensure comfort for the user of their mattresses.


Though there are some minuses to this mattress, the Stearns & Fosters mattress has some plusses under its belt. There is the movement factor; when sleeping on these mattresses they absorb movement so there is no disturbance from one person to the next, unlike the other beds overall that you are sure to feel when the other person even rolls or turns. With this feature, there are several models that range from soft to firm that makes for a variety of choices based on your preference.  The annoyance of noise coming from some mattresses is considerably low with this mattress, so you are able to sleep with no disturbance. Specifications on these mattresses are also readily available while this is somewhat difficult to get from other mattress companies. This is indeed a plus as it gives purchasers the advantage of comparison shopping, which is good in this economy. Because it has an A rating from the BBB the Better Business Bureau; and made by Sealy, customers are guaranteed quality.


The lifespan of the Stearns & Fosters mattress is about 6.5 years with regular use and if you are able to rotate, the probability of longer life is a definite plus.

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