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Top 8 Foods For A Better Night's Sleep

One of the major problems that we have is definitely the lack of sleep. Sometimes this can be caused by stress, but other times our dietary habits will influence this as well, so we do need to think about those foods that help us sleep better. We have created a list for you that focus specifically on that, in order for you to get the best sleep and the highest quality experience.






Fish is great because not only fills your body with extraordinary nutrients, but at the same time it also comes with a very small weight on your stomach, which means that your body won’t have to focus on digestion that much, so sleeping will be improved for sure.


Jasmine Rice


Jasmine Rice comes with a wide range of interesting amino acids that promote sleep and thus it’s one of the best choices that you can make when it comes to sleeping safely and improving your sleep pattern as a whole.


Tart Cherry Juice


It might not be a common way to promote sleep, but it is very efficient and with just a small cut of Tart Cherry Juice you will be able to experience relief and abolish insomnia, instead you will be able to sleep batter and for more time, which is a major plus to say the least.




Yogurt helps remove calcium deficiency and instead it allows you to sleep better and for a much longer period of time. If you want to sleep without disturbances or nightmares, then this is a great product to help promote a clean, long sleep!


Whole Grains


Whole Grains are rich in magnesium, and thus they provide your body with a lot of energy. At the same time, they help your body promote a better digestion and they’ll just allow you to feel better. This leads to a much better good night’s sleep, that’s for sure.




Kale provides you with a lot of calcium, which helps you, fall asleep. This is due to the fact that a lack of calcium will just make you stay awake and thus you might end up with insomnia in the end.




Filled with vitamins, these fruits also bring in a lot of value to your digestive system, which makes them perfect for your body. All you have to do is to give them a try and you will surely be amazed with the astounding results that come from them, you can rest assured of that.




Chickpeas promote the production of melatonin, pretty much like bananas, and because of that it’s a lot easier to fall asleep if you consume them often, so you should totally keep this in mind at all times.


All in all, these are great foods if you want to sleep better during the night. You should try to integrate them in your dietary habits and it will help you quite a lot in the long run, since you will have the opportunity to create and maintain a proper, healthy sleep schedule.

Sleeping During Your Pregnancy

Bringing a baby into this world, a new life onto this planet really is a great and miraculous thing; it is the miracle of life. There are so many different things that women are told to do during pregnancy to keep themselves and the baby healthy; many of these tidbits of information are true and good pieces of advice. This is concerned with what the best way to sleep during pregnancy is.




Sleep is a really important thing, doctors recommend at least 8 hours of sleep every night in order to remain healthy and be fully recharged come the morning. Well, sleep is just so much more important during pregnancy; put it this way, you are sleeping for two. A pregnant woman uses excess amounts of energy because there is a second life growing inside of her. She needs to eat more, her body works more, and she needs to rest more.


Not only is sleeping the right amount during pregnancy crucial because it allows the body to recharge and be able to fully support the development of a new life, but it’s important to sleep the right way too. Yes that’s right, there is a proper way to sleep during pregnancy to ensure the health and well being of the baby.


First of all, if it wasn’t obvious before then let me tell you that a pregnant woman should never sleep on her stomach. This is of course because sleeping on the stomach will put excess amounts of weight on the uterus, the womb, and the baby; this can cause some very serious damage as the weight may crush the baby and cause some very serious problems, in worst case scenarios sleeping on the stomach too much may actually lead to a miscarriage.


The next thing to know is that a pregnant woman should also not sleep on her back, this can also cause some serious problems, especially during the later months of pregnancy. The main problem is that when sleeping on the back all of the weight is on spine, back muscles, intestines, and some very major blood vessels. This can lead to hemorrhoids, muscle pains and impaired blood circulation to both the woman and the growing baby. Reduced circulation to the baby can cause some very serious developmental problems.


The best ways to sleep during pregnancy is on the left side, and yes the left side specifically. This is because it will actually increase blood circulation to the placenta and the baby; this means it will grow faster, better, and will end up being healthier. Sleeping on your left side also helps your kidneys filter out toxins better which will keep the woman and the baby healthier, this will also reduce the uncomfortable swelling in the hands, ankles, and feet.


So remember, sleep is important and when it comes to pregnancy not only is the amount of sleep you get crucial but just how you sleep will have a big effect as well.

The Real Reasons Why We Yawn

We yawn quite often, but we never know what exactly causes our body to send us these signals. At the same time, we don’t know what the signals actually mean, so it can be a little hard to understand why even they exist to be honest. Thankfully, a team of scientists have started to understand why yawning exists and how we can undermine or at least fight it in order to obtain the best results.




According to numerous researchers, it seems that yawning on its own it’s a little more complex than what was thought initially about it. There are many types of yawns apparently, and each one of them is linked to a specific function.


All scientists tend to agree that yawning appears as a way that our brain uses to communicate that he is in a constant state of stress. This has appeared from the animals, during the evolution process, and it’s not a correction for the dearth of oxygen that people initially thought it would be.


What happens when we yawn? Simply put, the jaw stretches in a very powerful manner and this increases the blood flow that runs through your head, neck and the face on its own. At the same time, the deep breath that follows the yawn forces the flow of blood and spinal fluid from our brain. The cold air that we get from breathing and yawning specifically manages to cool these fluids very fast, and this is exactly what makes the yawning very fast.


According to numerous scientists, we are yawning more during the cool periods, because the body needs cold air. As a reaction to this, the human body won’t feel the need to yawn as often when the air near us is hot, so during the summer you won’t find yourself trying to yawn without control.


Why is yawning contagious? This is very hard to determine, but since we are social beings, it seems that our bodies are somewhat connected with each other, and this is exactly we seem to actually yawn without control when other person does the same near us.


Some scientists say that we actually yawn due to some physiological triggers that make this process very hard to control. It can happen at any given time, so this is easily said something we cannot control at all.


As you can see, there are many reasons that will make us yawn, which is hard to understand, especially if you are one of those persons that thought only being tired makes us do such a thing. The reality is that yawning is indeed connected to our body, both at a physiological and physical level. Take this into account, and you will definitely see yawning differently next time you do it!

Questions To Ask When Buying A New Mattress

Going to buy something new in the market, do you just buy the first thing that you lay your eyes upon? Well, you shouldn’t. Even if it’s a little thing you want to make sure that you are spending your money in the right way and for something useful. You want to make sure you are investing and not wasting money. You go to the market, visit every shop, and go through every article keeping in mind the pros and cons and then you buy the certain product you were looking for.





There are questions in your mind when you go out looking for a mattress as well. There are certain things you should ask the salesman before buying a mattress. You know, the mattress is the heart of your bed, and the secret of having a good night’s sleep is the mattress you lay on, you should keep in mind what your body demands while purchasing a mattress. Your comfort counts more than money. For instance, if you sleep on your tummy you need a soft mattress and if you sleep on your back you need a comparatively firm mattress.



The most important question that should be inquired before purchasing a mattress is, what is your mattress made up of? For instance, if you want to avoid heat while sleeping you should make sure your mattress is not made up of polyester, you should instead prefer wool and silk.



You should ask if you want latex foam, innerspring or memory foam. Keep in mind, your mattress is like your glove, and it should really fit you well. You should ask the retailers to give you at least 10 minutes of a trial lay down on that mattress so you stand up all satisfied, and if you have any issues you can switch on to the next model.



 Ask if they have a return policy, and what it details if you get home and come to find out that it is not the right mattress for you and your partner.



Ask them about the necessary mattress add-ons. You must also buy a new box spring along with your new mattress, and also a water-proof protector or even a adjustable base for your new mattress.



Ask for freebies, since many stores now offer free services if you just ask them. When you are negotiating with them over the price you should include the price of your old mattress pick up in the total cost as well, if there was any. They may also deliver for free.



Which Mattress is Best for You? Understanding Mattress Types

Mattress technology has come an incredibly long way over the last century; when modern mattresses first became a household staple in the 1930’s, they were only available in one style: a hard innerspring design covered with a very basic cushioned top. Today we may choose from pillow top mattresses, firm mattresses, plush mattresses, memory foam mattresses, air mattresses, and more.





While this wide array of options is exciting, it also means that one needs to do a bit of extra homework before purchasing a mattress. To aid in this endeavour, a brief description of each of the major mattress types available today is being provided below:





These mattresses are innerspring mattresses which have been designed to feel firm even under considerable weight. This effect is usually achieved through the use of carefully selected foams, stiffer springs, and tighter sewing patterns in the mattress quilt. One can opt for either plain firm (the hardest mattress there is) or cushioned firm, which provides a bit of padding to take the edge off the mattress's rigidity. These mattresses are typically slimmer than their plush counterparts.





These mattresses provide a compromise between a firm and pillow-top feel; they have solid innerspring cores (akin to those found in firm mattresses) paired with additional layers of foam (usually about one to four inches of foam) and more loosely patterned quilt. 





Sometimes also referred to as “ultra-plush”, this type of mattress represents the ultimate in softness, and is typically built over a plush mattress base. The extra-cushioned feel is created by the addition of another layer of padding (made of either polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex, fiberfill, polypropylene, cotton or wool) above the foam layer; as you can imagine, a thick pillow over four inches of foam creates a cloud like feeling.



Memory Foam:


This is one of the newest types of mattress to hit the market, and it has become increasingly popular over the last decade. While some innerspring mattresses may contain memory foam as an element of their cushioned tops (these are sometimes called “memory foam hybrids”), a true memory foam mattress is one that contains an all-foam support core comprised of different types of foams at varying firmness levels. These mattresses are more expensive than their innerspring brethren, but provide a level of pressure relief that is currently unparalleled. These mattresses may also include special gel or latex foams for additional comfort.



Air Mattresses:


These are not akin to the airbeds people use for camping; instead, they are fully cushioned and upholster mattresses which contain air chambers rather than springs, allowing their firmness to be adjusted.



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