Up until electronics were invented, the only source of light was our sun and until that point there was no specific effect on the way we sleep or anything like that. Unfortunately, with the creation of such device, it also came with blue light which is a massive concern for people nowadays.




Not all types of light have the same effect, some are contributing to sleep but there are some like blue light which not only aren’t that ok to begin with, but they continue to worsen our sleep to begin with.


Sleep continues to suffer if we stay exposed to blue light all the time, but the problem tends to worsen if we prepare for sleep and watch videos online for example or do anything with electronics.


These devices are emitting a blue wavelength and that will make our mind feel that it’s daylight. As you can expect, this will postpone the sense of sleep. As a result, we will be deprived of sleep and at the same time we will have to deal with depression, diabetes and many other health issues and concerns that are very bad to begin with. All we need is to work the best way we can in order to remove blue light from our sleep and the results will be a lot better at the end of the day which is what matters the most.


Studies have shown that this type of blue light is actually disrupting the wave and sleep cycles. As a result, we will not have the optimal body functions we always wanted, which can lead to some disastrous results. We need to do all we can in order to remove these issues but if that’s impossible to do, we should at least stick to a normal sleep schedule. The way we sleep will always pose a threat or improve our body’s health, which is why having this concern is mandatory.


What can we do aside from having a good sleep schedule? A good idea in this regard would come from focusing on a much better set of results. You have to keep in mind the fact that turning off all the lights in your home around 1 hour before bed and getting a red of orange reading lamp can be a very good idea. Plus, you should always try to keep the room dark as that’s very important and will offer great value in the end.


Apple is one of the phone manufacturers that know how important it is to optimize your phone for better sleep and they did take action. It seems that Apple has actively addressed the problem by changing the blue light to red at night. Since red isn’t seen as daylight by our brain, using the Apple devices will ease our sleeping pattern even if we use an Apple device before going to sleep.


It’s a great example here that does show some manufacturers do indeed care about their clients. It’s unfortunate that others didn’t really integrate this feature because it will remove some of the major electronics problem right now!


Sleeping problems can appear from a variety of reasons starting with your diet and ending with the stress you have. But sleep issues can also appear from blue light which is why you have to address this concern immediately. It’s an important thing to keep in mind so you should address it as fast as possible!